Huge mail activity from my account. What do I do?

If you get a notification from us that huge mail activity was caught to be done by your account, you must make an immediate arrangements to resolve the problem. That includes stopping the mail activity in case you have a big newsletter or bulletin sending more messages than we allow. We have limits regarding the amount of e-mails you can send per hour.If you are not aware how the messages were sent via your account then your account was compromised and used by hackers to send SPAM.You will need to follow the instructions
  1. You need to check if the script you use for your web site is up to date. You must update it to latest version. You need to contact your software vendor or web developer regarding steps how you can do the update.
  2. You should scan your account for any files uploaded by the attacker under your public_html folder. They may upload php shells to be able to edit your files even after you update your software. Any files not uploaded by you must be removed from public_html.
  3. You must change the permssions of your configuration files which contain passwords to 600. Each script has such a file which contains the login details for MySQL. It needs to be chmod to 600 so that others can't read it and steal the password.
  4. You must change your password for cPanel to a hard to guess password. A hard to guess password is 7Bzh@!z;lP!@%Zdf.
  5. You should scan your computer for viruses.
If the messages were sent via an account of your customer, you must contact him to resolve the problem immediately. Please note that our services cannot be used to send thousands of messages as that will cause load problems on the server. You can send more messages on our VPS plans. Mail activity problems must be resolved within 24 hours once you receive a notification from us. Accounts which get involved in huge mail activity multiple times are subject of permanent suspension.

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