Resource usage

Any account on the server cannot use more than the following CPU or memory resources. If you use too much system resources, you will be notified to take the necessary actions. If the usage is too high to keep the server unstable, we will suspend the overloading account so that it doesn't affect the other clients on the server.
Customer agrees not to use the shared hosting service to send bulk e-mail. Mailing lists are allowed and the customer can send e-mail messages as per our hourly mail limits however those messages cannot be sent 24/7. If you need to send more than 5000 mails per month the shared hosting service will not be sufficient. A VPS or dedicated server will be required for that.
1. Shared hosting
CPU/memory resource limits:
  • Plan Mini - 3%
  • Plan Start - 5%
  • Plan Advanced - 9%
  • Plan E-commerce - 12%
Customers may not send more e-mails per domain per hour as shown below:
  • Plan Mini - 500 messages
  • Plan Start - 500 messages
  • Plan Advanced - 750 messages
  • Plan E-commerce - 1000 messages
Inodes limits
  • Plan Mini - 150 000
  • Plan Start - 300 000
  • Plan Advanced - 500 000
  • Plan E-commerce - 1 000 000
2. Reseller hosting
Customers may not send more than 200 e-mail messages per hour. Any account on the server cannot use more than 2% CPU or memory resources on average basis for 24 hours.
Inodes limits
  • Plan 1 - 150 000
  • Plan 2 - 300 000
  • Plan 3 - 450 000
  • Plan 4 - 600 000
3. VPS hosting
Each VPS plan has the following guaranteed systems resources.
  • VPS Standard – Half CPU core and 125 IOPS
  • VPS Plus – One CPU core and 150 IOPS
  • VPS Advanced – One and a half CPU cores and 200 IOPS
  • VPS Pro – Two CPU cores and 250 IOPS
  • VPS Enterprise – Three CPU cores and 275 IOPS

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