How to transfer my accounts to your server?

If your old provider uses cPanel, we can transfer all your accounts free of charge. To do that, you need to open a ticket with technical support and provide us with the following details for each account you need transfered.

Domain name

cPanel username

cPanel password

We need those details for each account. We cannot use your reseller login information to transfer the accounts because we need to login via ftp to each of the accounts and move the data. If you don't know the passwords of all accounts you want to migrate and you don't want to change the password you have another option and have to follow the steps below.

  • Login to WHM on the old server
  • Click on List accounts and click on the cPanel icon on the account you want to transfer so that you are logged into that account's cPanel control panel
  • Click on Backups and then Generate a full backup. Choose the full backup to be saved on a remote server and be copied via FTP (passive mode). For remote ftp server enter the IP address of your account with us (you can see the IP in your welcome e-mail). For username enter your reseller username with us and the password. The fields remote directory and port leave empty and click on the Generate backup button.
  • Do that for each account you want moved. That will upload full backups to your account on our server. Once all backups are uploaded you can open a ticket with technical support and ask us to restore those backups for you. They will have all the data of the accounts - e-mail, mysql, files - everything.

If the backups are more than 500MB make sure to increase the space quota of your reseller account on our server so that there is enough free space for the backups to be uploaded.


Once we restore/transfer your accounts to our server you need to verify if the sites are working correctly and contact us if you see any problems. If everything looks correct, you can change the nameservers of your domains and allow 24 hours for DNS propogation. Do not cancel your old account at least 24-48 hours after you changed the nameservers so that you don't face downtime.

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